Common Humanity 6

All persons infer causes & anticipate effects.

A simple project to crowd source reflection on the human characteristics common to all persons.

This proposition continues our probe of what characteristics people think all persons, despite their differences, share in common. Other tweets stating other characteristics potentially common to all humanity will follow. We hope the tweets will propagate widely on Twitter and engender some comments in the “Leave a Reply” boxes on this blog. Our purpose, like our propositions, is very simple: to get us all thinking and talking more effectively and energetically about the qualities and capacities that all persons possess. Divisive energies have been becoming excessive and stupid, domestically and globally—a growing threat to the well-being of all. We can reverse this tendency, not by decrying it, but by cultivating its opposite.

Do all persons infer causes & anticipate effects? Does it make a difference whether or not this is a universal trait shared by all persons? If so, why? If not, why? What are the implications if all persons have some characteristics in common? What is the scope of the common humanity?

All persons infer causes & anticipate effects.
True or false—explain below, especially if false.

One Response to Common Humanity 6

  1. aaron kistler says:

    False. Most of our “actions” and “choices” are attributable to unknown (? subconscious) motives. Our life experiences follow from our actions in “emergent” fashion. That is, a complex whole follows from the iteration of simple parts, those “parts” often, if not always, unknown to us.

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